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Competitions Always Stay Young

To be a Winner, Competition should stay young within your heart and soul as it is believed the time you consider it’s getting weaker or older, it might throw you out.

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Silent raindrops says thousand words to us. Do we hear ? No, Not everyone. Who hear them ? Like a heart of Farmer always hear it and crops engulf it. Like a thirst always calls it and earth embraces it.

Similarly, Do your words has a power to quench one’s thirst of knowledge ?

Thousands words are written. Who hear or who read them.

“Write something that reaches to the heart of readers, that add the value in others thoughts, knowledge, business or personality.”

Compelling Words

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Write a line that compel others to think upon and bring a storm in the minds better than writing hundred of words at silence (gone without noticed).

Compelling Thoughts

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As you think, So shall you be !

Lets not block our mind by defeated thinking !

I am very optimistic and got alert if any kind of negativity try to enter in me. If you are optimistic, the crucial and tough life becomes easy. You have control over your negative surroundings which helps you fight with ups-and-downs of your life.

But whenever I try to leave my comfort zone whether it is career, my personal life or anything i used to, I feel uncomfortable. I have made my mind to win over this phobia. I do not know whether it is some kind of phobia or i am resist to change in my life.

Now, I realize until i leave my comfort zone, i will not achieve what I wish to have in this short span of life.

So, today I decided to practice and learn to be courageous enough to fulfill my ultimate desires. There are really very little things to be scared of so leave to be scaring of things and do what you feel takes to the top of the world. Hey, do not mis-interpret, i don’t mean that you will do any illegal things.

The path of success, however, is the toughest and your luck should be with you. But don’t forget to put your the best. Eventually it is your conscience who is going to blame you if you will not reach where you are targeted for.

Thus, do your best, improve yourself by practicing daily, do read about your competitors on regular basis and more important is be yourself, don’t copy.

Keep Smiling

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Embrace the Criticism and one day surely, you will shine out like a shaft GOLD

Usually, there is competition among the students in school, but I never competed with others instead with myself. But school time is the school time. There is a tremendous change in the real life when it is compared to school life. However, there are few things that follow you throughout your life and some becomes your habit.

Since childhood, I enjoyed doing variety of task. I was being called as all rounder. Whether it was studying, delivering speech, participating in singing and dancing competitions, drawing & painting competition, writing competitions – usually poems and sher o shayari, I won. I was in sixth standard when I started writing.

I do believe in competing myself which helps me to improve everyday. Don’t you feel that it is important that you should never stop learning and improving yourself.

I believe that one should shine out as a shaft GOLD when he keeps learning whether by losing or from his mistakes.

Everyday brings something to learn and I embrace it openly. I found the strength within me to learn from criticism on me.

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