SERPs RULES 2010 AND SEO TIPS 2010 – Search Engine Results Pages

In order to have good SERP or page rankings, there are some basic factors that need to be in the web-pages and that is too in order of importance. These are subject to change every year or so. At present these are some of the most important factors sorted according to importance and relevancy are as follows:

1 Keywords in the title.
2 Keywords first in the title (how closer at the begin how more powerful).
3 Keywords in the domain.
4 Keywords in the body text.
5 Relevancy between keywords and body text.
6 Keywords in H1 tag.
7 Keywords in the intern link anchor text on page.
8 Keywords in the extern link anchor text on page.
9 Keyword in the URL.
10 Keywords in H2/3/4 tags.
11 Keywords in the alt tags of images.
12 Keywords in the bold/strong tags.
13 Keywords in the Meta Description Tag.
14 Keywords in the Meta Keywords Tag.

As a starter, this is the basic SEO tips that works really well if keep in mind while promoting your website.

Why don’t you have check whether all these are done in line by you or the professionals you hired for promotion of your website.


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