10 Article Marketing Tips and Strategies for Beginners

10 Article Marketing Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Article Marketing is one of the most effective and the shortest way to get quick results to promote small and large online businesses. With great Trial And Error, I came up with these simple but effective tips for Article Marketing that actually worked for me.

The concept of Article Marketing is very easy and simple to understand. The more updated knowledge you have to feed in your article, you have more chances to get actual or potential traffic to your readers. Be genuine in what you are writing and try to see from your readers’ eye that how informative and attractive it would be for your readers. Whether they would like to read more articles written by you?

  1. Informative – The most important thing in an article is information. Do not forget to provide enough information to make your readers stick to your post. A good article is what readers always praise and do have hunger for more and more.
  2. Keyword Rich Title
    Example of a Bad Keyword TITLE:
    Top 10 Ways for Article Marketing
    Example of a Good Keyword TITLE:
    Article Marketing Tips – 10 Article Marketing Strategies for Beginners
  3. Easy to Understand: It would be as easy to understand as ABC. The article should be written by keeping the targeted readers into account. For instance, if the targeted readers are beginners, it should be rather easy to grab the meaning for them.
  4. Precision: It is necessary that the title do the justice with article body. It should be on the topic and should not be over-emphasized with keywords and keywords only. It should be pretty clear and to the point.
  5. Keyword Density: Keyword Density in an article should not cross the limit of 5-10% keywords.
  6. Bold the Keywords: Bold the Keywords you want to search engine crawls for.
  7. Submit in Directories: Submit your article in ezinearticles.com and wait for approval. Once it is approved, now start submitting it other directories like:









8. Article Promotion—Writing and submitting your article is only half of the battle. You also need to promote the articles you write. You can do this by allowing RSS feed, Newsletter, Sending Tweets, Publish it on Social Media Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Digg out your article on all blogs by linking all blogs.

9. Link Other Articles – Do not forget to provide other relevant articles link at the end. Track-backs or linking other related articles is the way to bring your readers (traffic) to your website. So if you have provided the necessary information what reader is looking for, it means you have done your work efficiently, rest the linking related relevant articles will do.

10.  Keep in TOUCH – Keep updating your articles. Of course, it is time-consuming but it worth more than it. Trends keep on changing and so we do update are readers too about the happening in the particular industry’s outlook and trends. It is not only create your Goodwill but also you are being dynamically notified, the name in competition.

Your participation in comment on improving this article on Article Marketing Tips and Strategy will be highly appreciated. I will be glad to have your suggestions and comments on improving this article on my Blog.

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