Google Update on Nationalize Phrases

A remarkable and major change has been introduced by Google to its SERPs (search engine results pages) and this time it’s a BIG one. I am sure that it will have the biggest impact on the SEO industry as well as all businesses trying to rank well across the globe.

After the Personalized Search, the Google emerged with another major SERPs now.

Personalized Search is only for signed-in users and only when they had Web History enabled on their Google Accounts. It is based on your recent activities on Google. But now the signed-out users are also get local listing SERPs.

Bryan Horling says on his Blog:

This addition enables us to customize search results for you based upon 180 days of search activity linked to an anonymous cookie in your browser. It’s completely separate from your Google Account and Web History (which are only available to signed-in users). You’ll know when we customize results because a “View customizations” link will appear on the top right of the search results page. Clicking the link will let you see how we’ve customized your results and also let you turn off this type of customization.”

Google has been tracking your cookies and providing local search results based on your location and search activity. Though, you may turn off personalization.

This means now you will be able to see local results on page one even if you’ve typed in a generic, national level keyword phrase and even if you are logged out of your Google Account and you have also cleared your Internet cache and cookies.

Isn’t it great feature for businesses and especially those SEO partners who have nationalized keyword phrases? But guys this is the time to tie your belts as the competition is getting tougher day by day.

Google Generating Revenue : More PPC income because in order to compete on a national level now it will be almost mandatory to run PPC ads to get any exposure.

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